Today's Problem!

The EV charger shortage


Roadblocks for Commercial Real Estate Owners

  • Expensive equipment
  • Costly installation & upgrades
  • Limited resources to engineer a robust solution
  • Lack of contractors to install a robust solution
  • Lack of ongoing service and maintenance 
  • Drivers at the property lack EV charging options
  • Reliable EV charger software not available



EV Charging Station

Tomorrow's Solution!

Join the Future withicon


Solutions for Commercial Real Estate Owners

  • We offer a no cost installation and royalty to qualified Hosts
  • We offer design-build services for participating Owners
  • Certified US Supercharge electricians complete all installations
  • Localized operators are available for ongoing service 
  • Drivers at the property have an EV charging option
  • Owners access best in class software




EV Charging Station



The    Supercharge App

  • Remotely find & reserve a charger
  • Remotely start & stop a charging session
  • Conveniently pay after charging session


The    Supercharge Cloud

  • Effortlessly manage thousands of EV chargers
  • View e-station data seamlessly


The    Supercharge Hub

  • Easily connect and manage third party API connections
  • Access user data, transactions, kW usage
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EV Charging Station

Approved architypes

become a Host

Level 2 smartchargers

  • Hotels
  • Multifamily Buildings
  • Hospitals & Medical Centers


Level 3 superchargers

  • Highway Rest Stop Businesses
  • Shopping Centers
  • Gas Stations



EV Charging Station


Own your e-station infrastructure

Empower Your EV Charging Business with US Supercharge

US Supercharge simplifies the process of establishing a powerful and sustainable EV charging business. We handle the design-build infrastructure and deliver a turn-key e-station for your property or portfolio. Operators can hit the ground running with a ready-to-go, robust, and sustainable operation.

Key Benefits:

  • Kickstart or enhance your EV charging operation
  • Provide convenient EV charging services to your clientele
  • Join the EV revolution with a streamlined and efficient charging solution
  • Partner with US Supercharge to be at the forefront of EV charging 
EV Charging Station

US Supercharge

The Future of Driving

The US Supercharge Experience: A One-Stop Charge and Live Lifestyle

Imagine if powering up your electric vehicle seamlessly integrated into your daily routine, creating a hassle-free and efficient experience.

At US Supercharge, we envision a "one-stop charge and live lifestyle" where the traditional inconveniences of multiple stops and visits to gas stations become a thing of the past.

Key Features:


  • Develop inviting and safe locations, designed for convenience
  • Create a one-stop charge, eat, shop, and live lifestyle
  • Streamline the charging process into daily activities 


EV Charging Station

Host a Supercharger e-station

Apply to install a Supercharger at your business property


110 SE 6th Street, Suite 1700-15 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301
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What people say

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I couldn't charge in my building for 6 months; I didn't think I'd ever be able to charge at my apartment.

Mike Taylor

Naples, Fl
Alternative Image Text

I loved being able to grab a coffee and relax with friends while I charged for 20 minutes on our way to Atlanta, Ga.


Fort Lauderdale. Fl
Alternative Image Text

Thanks for signing a lease with me. It is interesting to follow the installation process for the e-station at my Dunkin Donuts.

Cooper Arcand

Miami, Fl
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Supercharge Your Parking Area with Smart Charger Infrastructure Discover the ease of a supercharged installation with our expertise in designing and building smart charger and supercharger infrastructure. Simply contact us, and we'll handle everything from assessment and planning to site preparation, permits, and construction. If your property site analytics are approved, enjoy a zero-investment solution. Qualified Hosts receive management and maintenance services at no extra cost. As a North American Authorized Autel Distributor and Certified Installer, US Supercharge strives to operate a streamlined EV charging network across America. Enroll with a live Supercharge Agent to kickstart your design-build EV charger project.