Host a supercharger

Grow Your Business!


Expand your e-customer base!

By increasing the time Customers spend at your location and most importantly how often they come back you will inevitably grow your business!  Host a Supercharger to expand your current customer base. 

Attract e-customers!

Host a Supercharger to attract new customers, residents, or guests to your business. With more and more electric vehicles on the road, your opportunity has never been greater to conveniently provide a charge for your e-customers.  Join our Host network today to make your business a place more EV Drivers will choose.

Retain e-customers!

Retain more of your growing clientele that are choosing to drive an EV.  EV Drivers represent an affluent demographic that will come back again and again.


Host a supercharger

Increase Bottom Line!


Generate additional income!

Generate additional income by Hosting a Supercharger.  Draw more Customers to your establishment and receive a revenue share after our e-station is installed at your Host location.  Benefits of when you Host a Supercharger may include digital advertising and wi - fi.

Turnkey installation and service at no cost!

US Supercharge makes it convenient and accessible for commercial real estate owners to Host a Supercharger. Our team is made up of experts in electrical contracting & engineering, development and construction, software engineering, and supercharging hardware.

We provide seamless installations and a driver-friendly experience once we have arrived!



Host a supercharger

Host a Supercharger!

Apply For Our No Cost Solution! 

There are no hidden fees to be a Host.  No ongoing financial risk.  Simply Click the Green 'Host' Button to submit the Host intake form.  Providing complete & accurate information/uploads will expedite your Host Approval.  Once the data provided is reviewed and your site EV analytics are approved a Team member will contact you with a written proposal and license agreement.  Once the US Supercharge license agreement is fully executed our Team will continue to conduct the site inspection and start planning for your permit application submission. 

US Supercharge handles all aspects of the charging operation.

  1. The license agreement is fully executed by the Host and US Supercharge.
  2. The site inspection is scheduled.
  3. The site inspection is completed.  Option 1.  Utilize existing power & reimburse Host.
  4. The site inspection is completed.  Option 2.  US Supercharge installs a new service.
  5. The Host approves & signs the permit application; our team expedites the process.
  6. Lastly, we install the e-station
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Host a supercharger

Procure a Supercharger!

Do you prefer to purchase your own charging equipment?   If you insist! 


In this case one of our procurement agents will ensure you purchase the right equipment.  They will assist you to get certified and onboarded with the Supercharge Cloud software. 

Other important aspects to consider before purchasing are capital requirements, time commitment, parking layout, electrical load, permitting, installation timelines, equipment specifications, charger capacity, and logistics.  


Procurement Agents Assist:


  • Municipal Transportation Staff
  • Corporate Executives
  • Condo Board Members


Organizations utilize a Procurement Agent when making a complicated purchase.

Host a supercharger

Engineering & Construction


Utility Assessment & Inspection

We inspect each site to assess power options, determine if existing amperage is available or if new service is required, determine a suitable parking layout, calculate the length and type of electrical run from the electrical service, review ADA compliance, and determine equipment requirements. 

Site Engineering & Planning

Our engineering and planning Team bring all the components together to develop an efficient and elegant e-station for the Host site. Yes, from initial assessment to design planning and site construction - we provide all services.

Permitting & Site Construction

Our dedicated project management and local installation teams provide experience, knowledge, and dedication to ensure our successful e-station opening. The local installation team will effectively repair any landscape, asphalt, striping, and concrete damage caused by our installation.

Host a supercharger

Service & Maintenance


Online Monitoring 

Our back office Supercharge cloud team monitors our e-station network 24/7, runs daily diagnostic reports and expedites the deployment of field technicians.

Electrical Load Balancing

Our back-office software allows for communications between the chargers and Superchargers to maintain a balanced electrical feed to prevent power surges and overpowering.

Technical Service

Our customer service and technical support team monitors equipment and diagnoses faults.  Providing customer service 24/7 to ensure no driver is left stranded.

In-Field Service

Our award-winning All-American field electricians are highly reputable and experienced in diagnosing, troubleshooting EV chargers.  The Team maintains electrical and lighting for over 50 other national well-known chains.

Host a supercharger

Cloud & App


Supercharge Cloud

The Supercharger Cloud Software communicates with all e-station chargers and Superchargers. The Supercharge cloud gives access to real-time systems and controls load balancing to create the most effective charging network. Our smart chargers utilize direct cellular or ethernet connections to be monitored 24/7.


Supercharge App

The US Supercharge e-mobility App is available for free download at Apple Store and Google Play.  It is simple to download and simple to use.  as an EV Driver, if you don't see a US Supercharger at their property, you can just tell the manager and let them know they can easily apply for a "FREE EV CHARGER INSTALL" @ www.ussupercharge.com.  Just hit the 'GREEN' button.  Drivers!  You may also order an at-home US Supercharger and use our "at home" Supercharge App.



Replace Old Chargers

We deliver everything to replace 'out of date' chargers. 


An Approved Host with existing 'out of date' chargers may qualify for:


  • A 'Dumb Charger Swap Out Bonus'.
  • Swap Out Bonus paid upfront prior to replacement.
  • Any Cancelation fees may be paid on your behalf to remove old chargers.


An Approved Replacement Program Host gains:


  • A free replacement with new smart chargers.
  • Consistent Supercharge cloud monitoring and support.
  • Increased charging efficiency and reduced energy costs.


Leverage The Best


Ensure a smooth deployment process:


  • Nothing to do but sign the paperwork, approve power, and agree on the e-station location.
  • Dedicated EV charging installation team dedicated to giving a user-friendly experience.
  • No worry, zero upfront costs, and a hassle-free installation.


Ensure a smooth maintenance process:


  • Nothing to do but plug it in and let us monitor & maintain the e-station.
  • An EV charging service team dedicated to giving a user-friendly experience.
  • No worry, zero monthly costs, continuous maintenance with a revenue share.

Host a Supercharger e-station

Apply to install a Supercharger at your business property

Installation Process:Installation Timeline:

Site Inspection and plans

30 days from License signing

Utility Load Request processing

45 - 90 days from load request

Permit Processing

15 - 45 days from application

Schedule Site Work

15 - 30 days from issued permit

Time to Execute Site Work

2 – 5 days to complete

Utility Installs New Service

30 – 360 days after load request approved

Final Supercharger installation

15 - 30 days after both site work and utility service is installed

Host a supercharger

Cool Places!


Highly Traveled Routes

Inviting with cool stuff, rest rooms, & preferably within 1 mile of a highway egress.

  • Hotels 
  • Shopping Centers 
  • Fast Food Restaurants
  • Sit Down Restaurants & Diners


Living & Community 


  • Apartment Communities
  • Condo Complexes
  • Community Parking Facilities
  • Offices & Medical Centers

Host a supercharger



Signage & Promotions


  • US Supercharge places highly visible overhead signage above the charger.
  • US Supercharge places other strategically placed signage to attract EV drivers.
  • US Supercharge & Host promote on social media, website, and by word of mouth


Mobile App and Mapping


  • US Supercharge displays all Host sites on its Supercharge App & mapping.
  • US Supercharge lists all sites on plugshare, google maps & multiple Driver Apps.
  • Host adds its new charging service to google maps and travel websites.

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