Host a supercharger

Grow Your Business!


Expand your e-customer base!

By increasing the time Customers spend at your location and most importantly how often they come back you will inevitably grow your business!  Host a Supercharger to expand your current customer base. 

Attract e-customers!

Host a Supercharger to attract new customers, residents, or guests to your business. With more and more electric vehicles on the road, your opportunity has never been greater to conveniently provide a charge for your e-customers.  Join our Host network today to make your business a place more EV Drivers will choose.

Retain e-customers!

Retain more of your growing clientele that are choosing to drive an EV.  EV Drivers represent an affluent demographic that will come back again and again.


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Host a supercharger

Increase Bottom Line!


Generate additional income!

Generate additional income by Hosting a Supercharger.  Draw more Customers to your establishment and receive a revenue share after our e-station is installed at your Host location.  Benefits of when you Host a Supercharger may include digital advertising and wi - fi.

Turnkey installation and service at no cost!

US Supercharge makes it convenient and accessible for commercial real estate owners to Host a Supercharger. Our team is made up of experts in electrical contracting & engineering, development and construction, software engineering, and supercharging hardware.

We provide seamless installations and a driver-friendly experience once we have arrived!


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Host a Supercharger

Apply to Host with US


Apply for Our No Cost Solution!

Experience a hassle-free deployment with zero capital expense. Click the Green 'Host' Button to submit your application. Ensure a smooth process by providing complete and accurate information/uploads for expedited Host Approval.

Application Steps:

  1. Once submitted, your data and site analytics are ordered and reviewed.
  2. Upon approval, a Team member will call and email you a written proposal & license agreement.
  3. After full execution of the agreement by both parties, we will schedule a site inspection.


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Host a supercharger

We Design-Build for You


Welcome to our EV Charger Design-Build Program – your one-stop solution for seamless and efficient electric vehicle charging infrastructure. We pride ourselves on providing end-to-end services to ensure your facility adopts the perfect EV charging system.

Key Services:

  • Procurement Excellence: Our dedicated procurement team guarantees the deployment of the right equipment for your needs.
  • Engineering Mastery: Authorized engineers and contractors are ready to meticulously design and build anything from basic to the most complex EV charging systems in the world.
  • Seamless Integration: We offer Supercharge Cloud software commissioning, ensuring you're up and running effortlessly.
  • Ongoing Support: Our support team provides central monitoring, preventative maintenance programs, and on-site services for a worry-free experience.

Ready to transform your parking space into a cutting-edge EV charging hub? Contact us today to discuss your specific needs.  

Host a supercharger

The Installation Process


Utility Assessment & Inspection

We inspect each site to assess power options, determine if existing amperage is available or if new service is required, determine a suitable parking layout, calculate the length and type of electrical run from the electrical service, review ADA compliance, and determine equipment requirements. 

Site Engineering & Planning

Our engineering and planning Team bring all the components together to develop an efficient and elegant e-station for the Host site. Yes, from initial assessment to design planning and site construction - we provide all services.

Permitting & Site Construction

Our dedicated project management and local installation teams provide experience, knowledge, and dedication to ensure our successful e-station opening. The local installation team will effectively repair any landscape, asphalt, striping, and concrete damage caused by our installation.

Host a supercharger

Ongoing Support


Online Monitoring

Our dedicated Supercharge Cloud team in the back office works around the clock, monitoring our e-station network 24/7. They conduct daily diagnostic reports, ensuring proactive identification of potential issues, and expedite the deployment of field technicians.

Technical Service

Our customer service and technical support team are committed to ensuring the smooth operation of equipment. They monitor the system continuously, diagnosing faults and providing customer service 24/7. Our goal is to ensure no driver is left stranded, offering timely assistance and support.

In-Field Service

Rely on our award-winning team of All-American field electricians, highly reputable and experienced in diagnosing and troubleshooting EV chargers. This team extends its expertise beyond EV charging, maintaining electrical and lighting systems for over 50 other national well-known chains. Count on us for comprehensive and reliable in-field service.

Host a supercharger

Supercharge Technology


Supercharge Cloud

The Supercharge Cloud Software is the backbone of our charging infrastructure, facilitating seamless communication with all e-station chargers and Superchargers over 1,000 times per day to ensure constant connectivity. This dynamic cloud platform provides US Supercharge Staff, Hosts, and CPO's with real-time access to systems and controls, providing the most effective supercharge network. 

Supercharge App

Empowering users with convenience, the Supercharge e-mobility App is available for free download on the Apple Store and Google Play. User-friendly and efficient, the app simplifies the driver registration process, enables the addition of payment methods, and allows for easy reservation or selection of a charger.

Supercharge Hub

The Supercharger Hub acts as the bridge between our proprietary Supercharge Cloud and third-party Property Management Systems (PMS). This integration is seamless, providing you connectivity to Supercharge's real-time systems, market data, and controls. The Supercharge Hub is designed to optimize your charging network, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness across your portfolio.


Host a supercharger

Zero Cost Replacement


Charger Replacement Program

At Supercharge, we are committed to ensuring that outdated chargers are swiftly replaced, providing Approved Hosts with a seamless transition to the latest technology.  An Approved Host may qualify for exclusive benefits:

1. 'Dumb Charger Swap Out Bonus:

  • Receive a bonus upfront prior to the replacement, making the transition to new smart chargers even more enticing.
  • Any cancellation fees associated with removing old chargers may be covered on your behalf, ensuring a hassle-free upgrade process.

2. Approved Replacement Program Host Benefits:

  • Enjoy a complimentary replacement with cutting-edge smart chargers, ensuring you stay at the forefront of technology.
  • Benefit from consistent Supercharge Cloud monitoring and support, providing real-time insights and assistance.
  • Experience increased charging efficiency and reduced energy costs, contributing to a more sustainable and cost-effective charging network.


Host a supercharger

Host Benefits


Smooth Deployment Process:

  • Streamlined paperwork; simply sign and approve power, agreeing on the e-station location.
  • Dedicated EV charging installation team committed to ensuring a user-friendly experience.
  • Zero upfront costs, hassle-free installation, providing peace of mind.


Smooth Maintenance Process:

  • Effortless operation; plug it in, and let us handle monitoring and maintenance for the e-station.
  • A dedicated EV charging service team ensuring a seamless user experience.
  • Zero monthly costs, continuous maintenance, with a revenue-sharing model for worry-free operation.

Host a Supercharger e-station

Apply to install a Supercharger at your business property

Installation Process:Installation Timeline:

Site Inspection and plans

30 days from License signing

Utility Load Request processing

45 - 90 days from load request

Permit Processing

15 - 45 days from application

Schedule Site Work

15 - 30 days from issued permit

Time to Execute Site Work

2 – 5 days to complete

Utility Installs New Service

30 – 360 days after load request approved

Final Supercharger installation

15 - 30 days after both site work and utility service is installed

Host a supercharger

Cool e-station Locations!


Highly Traveled Routes

Inviting with cool amenties for Drivers, rest rooms.  Preferably within 1 mile of a highway egress.

  • Hotel Establishments
  • Shopping Centers 
  • Fast Food Restaurants
  • Sit Down Restaurants & Diners


Living & Community 


  • Apartment Communities
  • Condo Complexes
  • Community Parking Facilities
  • Offices & Medical Centers

Host a supercharger



Signage & Promotions


  • US Supercharge places highly visible overhead signage above the charger.
  • US Supercharge places other strategically placed signage to attract EV drivers.
  • US Supercharge & Host promote on social media, website, and by word of mouth


Mobile App and Mapping


  • US Supercharge displays all Host sites on its Supercharge App & mapping.
  • US Supercharge lists all sites on plugshare, google maps & multiple Driver Apps.
  • Host adds its new charging service to google maps and travel websites.

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