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Your Partner in Powering a Sustainable Future!

At US Supercharge, we're not just a company; we're a driving force behind the future of sustainable electric energy. As a fast-growing entity in the industry, we specialize in powering electric vehicles. Our commitment lies in revolutionizing the way we consume and interact with energy, making the switch to electric not only practical but enjoyable.

Our Vision:

Empowering a Sustainable Tomorrow.


What Sets Us Apart:

US Supercharge is at the forefront of change, providing turnkey e-station installations at commercial locations. We collaborate with Hosts to seamlessly integrate our cutting-edge e-stations, offering a valuable and convenient service for electric vehicle (EV) drivers. Beyond the technological prowess, our installations help Hosts attract and retain more customers, fostering a community committed to sustainable living.


The US Supercharge Experience:

Our e-stations are designed to provide EV drivers with the ultimate charging experience. We prioritize user convenience and satisfaction, ensuring that every aspect of our service meets the highest standards. With a focus on sustainable solar energy and battery systems, we not only meet but exceed energy efficiency expectations.


Our Diverse Team:

Behind every successful installation is a team of experts. Our diverse team brings together professionals in software engineering, hardware technology, electrical contracting, and construction. Together, we provide turn-key solutions for real estate stakeholders, ensuring that every installation is not just functional but an exemplary display of innovation and reliability.


Passion for Accessibility:

Our passion lies in making electric vehicle charging convenient and accessible for everyone. We believe that the future of sustainable energy is dependent on accessibility, and we work tirelessly to install and service US Supercharge e-stations, ensuring they become an integral part of daily life.


Committed to Fun and Sustainability:

We don't just charge vehicles; we supercharge lifestyles. Our mission is to make charging an electric vehicle easier and more enjoyable than filling up a tank of gas. Through our commitment to sustainability, we're not just providing a service; we're building a pathway to a more energy-independent future.


Join us on this exciting journey towards a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable tomorrow.  


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Scott D Coloney

Founding Member & President

<p>Scott D Coloney: Founder and Visionary of US Supercharge In 2021, Scott D Coloney established US Supercharge, demonstrating a profound dedication to transforming America&#39;s landscape with cutting-edge Supercharging infrastructure. His commitment lies in collaborating with Commercial Real Estate Owners and Municipalities, fostering driver-friendly and convenient e-stations across cities, towns, and highways throughout the nation. A Versatile Entrepreneur and Industry Leader: With a robust background in entrepreneurship, marketing, and real estate development, Coloney brings a unique blend of skills to the forefront of US Supercharge. His journey encompasses the building and management of national Payphone &amp; ATM routes, providing a solid foundation for navigating the intricacies of the evolving electric vehicle charging industry. A Proven Track Record in Real Estate and Construction: Coloney&#39;s experience extends into real estate development and construction, where he has successfully operated multiple companies with similar business attributes. In 2002, he initiated land assembly for developers in South Florida, eventually evolving into a developer in his own right, establishing a general construction firm in the state. A Dot Com Pioneer and Travel Industry Disruptor: As an entrepreneur, Coloney made significant waves during the dot com boom by founding Orbitz.com in 1999. This visionary venture secured a trademark and underwent development before being acquired by the five major airlines. The result was the transformation of Orbitz.com into one of the largest travel websites in the world. A Leader in Sustainable Transportation: At the helm of US Supercharge, Coloney is driven by a passion for sustainable transportation solutions. By leveraging his entrepreneurial spirit, marketing expertise, and real estate acumen, he is committed to spearheading the development of an extensive and accessible e-station network that redefines the electric vehicle charging experience. Coloney&#39;s journey is a testament to his commitment to innovation, and with US Supercharge, he is dedicated to leaving an enduring mark on the future of transportation infrastructure.</p>

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Jeffrey Hanft

Director of Business Development

<p>Jeffrey Hanft is an entrepreneurial force with a remarkable legacy of founding and leading successful ventures across the telecommunications, finance, shipping, and technology sectors. His career is a testament to his strategic acumen, leadership prowess, and dedication to fostering innovation. Telecommunications Titan: As the founder, CEO, and Chairman of the Board of Peoples Telephone Company, Inc. (PTEL, NASDAQ), Jeffrey Hanft steered the company to become a formidable $300 million telecommunications entity. PTEL, a NASDAQ-listed company, provided payphone, prepaid calling card, and cellular services nationwide, employing 700 people across 42 states. His visionary leadership positioned PTEL as a major player in the U.S. telecommunications landscape. An International Influence: Jeffrey&#39;s impact extended internationally as the founder, President, and Chairman of the Board of Telefonos Publicos de P.R., the largest independent pay telephone company in Puerto Rico. Under his leadership, the company boasted a network of fifteen thousand payphones, contributing to the telecommunications infrastructure of the region. An Industry Advocacy: A respected figure in the telecommunications industry, Jeffrey Hanft has served as the Chairman of The American Public Communications Council, representing independent pay telephone operators nationwide. He also assumed the role of Chairman of the Florida Pay Telephone Association, advocating for industry interests. His commitment to community service is evident in his directorship at The Alzheimer&rsquo;s Family Center in Broward County. A Financial Services and Shipping Expertise: Jeffrey&#39;s entrepreneurial spirit expanded into financial services as the founder and President of Total Teller, focusing on owning and operating ATMs from Florida to New York. His foray into the shipping industry materialized with Global Shipping Experts, a company aimed at providing substantial discounts on DHL International Express shipping and expertise on various freight shipments. A Focus on Technological Innovation: In the realm of technology, Jeffrey Hanft served as the President of Skypatrol, North America. Skypatrol specializes in GPS, cellular, and satellite communication solutions, offering unique products and services to locate, track, manage, and recover mobile assets. An Ongoing Commitment to Entrepreneurship: Currently, Jeffrey is a Director of The Strategic Forum, a South Florida entrepreneurial group, and plays a pivotal role in Venture Mentoring Team, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to mentoring small businesses and startups. Jeffrey Hanft&#39;s entrepreneurial journey is characterized by a continuous pursuit of innovation, a commitment to industry advocacy, and a dedication to community service. His legacy as a leader, mentor, and visionary in diverse sectors is a testament to his enduring impact on the business landscape.</p>

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Timothy Breese

Director of Site Acquisition

<p>Tim Breese, the Director of Site Acquisition at US Supercharge, brings over two decades of award-winning experience in sales and marketing to the forefront of our strategic endeavors. His illustrious career has been marked by transformative roles in prominent technology companies, solidifying his reputation as a forward-thinking leader. A Tech Trailblazer: Tim&#39;s journey began with a strong foundation in software and technology, contributing significantly to the success of renowned companies such as BEA Systems and Oracle. Notably, he played a pivotal role in the acquisition of The Theory Center, a tech startup, by BEA Systems for an impressive $100 million in 1999. His Rapid Rise to Global Prominence: At BEA Systems, Tim&#39;s career trajectory was nothing short of remarkable. Starting as an Inside Sales Rep, he swiftly ascended the ranks to become a Global Account Manager in less than two years. Tim was part of a small team that orchestrated BEA Systems&#39; largest-ever deal, a monumental $40 million agreement with Quest Communications, propelling BEA Systems to a billion-dollar company in record time. His Strategic Leadership at Titan Machine Corp: Subsequently, Mr. Breese assumed the role of VP of Sales and Marketing at Titan Machine Corp, where he implemented innovative marketing and sales strategies. His efforts were instrumental in establishing Titan as a leader in furnishing new elevator and hoist way equipment, as well as providing custom machine and repair services to the elevator industry. His prowess in building strong relationships with industry giants like Otis Elevator, ThyssenKrupp, and Schindler resulted in year-over-year revenue growth. An Acquisition by Hyperion Solutions: Tim&#39;s impact continued as Titan Machine Corp was acquired by Hyperion Solutions in 2022, a testament to the value he brought to the organization. Versatility from Startups to Industry Leaders: From startups to large corporations, Tim Breese has consistently proven to be an invaluable asset. His strategic vision, sales acumen, and ability to foster meaningful partnerships make him the ideal leader to spearhead site acquisition at US Supercharge. As the Director of Site Acquisition, Tim is poised to leverage his rich experience to secure sites where US Supercharge will invest considerable funds, ensuring the expansion of our no-cost charging infrastructure for hosts.</p>

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Jarad Derochey

Director of Operations

<p>Jarad Derochey has been called an operational virtuoso and systems maestro by his professional peers and co-workers. He assumes a pivotal role at US Supercharge as the Director of Operations, leveraging over 25 years of expertise in orchestrating seamless back-office systems, optimizing mechanical workings, and steering operational excellence. A Master of Back-Office Systems: With an extensive background in operations, Jarad is a maestro in crafting and fine-tuning back-office systems. His proficiency extends to the strategic management of operational workflows, ensuring efficiency, and creating a foundation for the smooth functioning of US Supercharge&#39;s intricate operations. Provides Mechanical Precision: In the realm of mechanical workings, Jarad&#39;s seasoned leadership ensures precision and reliability. His expertise encompasses the intricate mechanical facets of Supercharging infrastructure, guaranteeing that every component operates seamlessly to provide a reliable charging experience. Offers Strategic Operational Oversight: As the Director of Operations, Jarad excels in overseeing the strategic aspects of US Supercharge&#39;s operations. From implementing cutting-edge solutions to navigating the complexities of operational challenges, he brings a strategic mindset to ensure the company&#39;s continued success. Systems Optimization and Integration: Jarad&#39;s forte lies in optimizing and integrating systems. Whether it&#39;s streamlining operational processes or harmonizing back-office functions, his meticulous approach ensures that the various components work in unison, contributing to the overall efficiency of US Supercharge. Innovative Problem Solver: Renowned for his innovative problem-solving skills, Jarad addresses operational challenges with forward-thinking solutions. His ability to navigate the intricacies of operational intricacies positions him as a key figure in shaping US Supercharge&#39;s operational landscape. A Leader in Technology Integration: Jarad&#39;s leadership extends to technology integration, where he plays a crucial role in aligning social media strategies with operational objectives. His insight ensures that technology not only enhances internal processes but also aligns with broader business goals. In his role as Director of Operations, Jarad Derochey is not just an operations expert; he&#39;s a visionary guiding the mechanical intricacies, optimizing back-office systems, and ensuring the seamless integration of technology. His commitment to operational excellence is foundational to the success of US Supercharge.</p>

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John Gonzalez

Master Electrician

<p>Mr. Gonzalez has been a Master Electrician for over 40 years and has personally worked on and managed over 1,500 payphone installations during his career in the industry from 1983 - 1997. John installed the first Payphone with US Communications and saw it grow from a home business at the Coloney&#39;s to Company with over 17,000 payphones with over 220 employees. Amazingly this was over 35 years ago. Mr. Gonzalez not only installed the first phone, but he was with the Company until the end. Today, 35 years later Gonzalez joins US Supercharge to lead the Installation division with the Coloney&#39;s one more time. As unlikely as it may be John installed US Supercharge&#39;s first EV charger marking a new milestone. Mr. Gonzalez brings his extensive experience to US Supercharge and Florida Supercharge our 20-year-old licensed electrical installation Provider in the State of Florida. Mr. Gonzalez brings a unique background for this role. Dealing with payphone installations and then leading G &amp; H Electric Inc. as a licensed electrical contractor in the State of Florida for the past 20 years has prepared John for this undertaking. He was immediately ready to bring the Team back together and assist in building our new team of national US Supercharge installers and service technicians. John is dedicated to the success of all US Supercharge Installations across the USA.</p>

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Theodric "Chain" Allen

VP Site Development

<p>&quot;Chain&quot; has over 20 plus years&#39; experience in site development, civil engineering and structural concrete work. He has worked extensively with Coloney at Flagler Duval Construction. Mr. Allen is a born leader and has a get it done attitude. He makes sure the heavy equipment installations are smooth for our Electrical contractor team. He leads the site development process to ensure all work is done to code and the site is ready for our electricians.</p>

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Dylan Varner


<p>Mr. Varner has worked with Scott Coloney for 6 years developing the control systems implemented at the accounting department with Flagler Duval. Varner was personally trained by Coloney to prevent fraud and financial abuse. Mr. Varner has assisted with maintaining multiple corporate bank accounts, chart of accounts, and financial reporting across over 20 companies with multiple projects at any given time. Mr. Varner has meticulously learned the monthly reconciliation close out systems and controls Coloney implemented years ago across every development and business operating under Flagler Duval control. The Company and other executives depend on these systems and controls to operate. Mr. Varner has gained the trust of the Team to step into this position for US Supercharge.</p>

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Atanu Sarkar

VP Software Development

<p>Atanu Sarkar has strong data analytics and software development skills. He keeps himself updated about latest technological innovations in his past time and encourages the team to incorporate new technologies and move beyond the defined boundaries of the EV industry. His inquisitive nature and great understanding of the EV industry has made him an indispensable part of our team.</p>