EV Drivers

Our Process

How it works

The Supercharge App & Network work together to provide a seamless charging experience for EV Drivers when traveling on the road or at home.Here's how it works when traveling

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Find a Supercharger

The US Supercharge e-mobility App provides access to an open charge network displaying all public charging stations in America using your smartphone's GPS.

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Reserve Your Spot if you desire

Once you've found an EV charging station, you can reserve a spot using our e-mobility App. This ensures that you have space to charge your vehicle when you arrive.

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Supercharge Your Electric Vehicle

Our public Superchargers are fast and efficient, providing a full charge in a shorter amount of time. You can monitor your charging progress using the e-mobility App, so you know when your vehicle is ready to go. Depending on amperage available at Host location.

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Pay for Your Supercharge

Our e-mobility App allows you to pay for your charge using a secure payment system. You can even set up automatic payments, so you never have to worry about forgetting to pay.

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Tomorrow’s EV Driver Solution!

Drivers that charge at a US Supercharger gain a healthier and happier lifestyle.


US Supercharge e-stations are:

  • inviting and safe
  • cost-effective and time saving
  • travel friendly 
  • convenient and provide amenities 


The Combined Charging System (CCS) and the North American Charging Standard (NACS) a.k.a. Tesla plugs are available at all US Supercharge e-stations.

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A Software Solution like no other!

The US Supercharge App is available for download at Apple Store & Google Play.

Our free Driver-Friendly App is easy to use and functional.

  • Easily charge and pay when traveling.
  • Remotely start or stop charging sessions.
  • Track charging activity from your phone.


Upgrade to the Supercharge at-home App.

  • Remotely start or stop charging sessions at home.
  • Manage charging schedules.
  • View public and home charging history activity from one App.
  • Sync with preferred energy costs and apply smart charging features to charge with the lowest possible electricity costs.
  • Easily track consumption for employees charging at home and generate reimbursement reports.

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