How Much Does A Commercial EV Charging Station Cost

How Much Does A Commercial EV Charging Station Cost?

How often do you see an electric vehicle around you nowadays? Those cars have had much influence on people today. EVs have changed the world swiftly because they promise a cleaner and more sustainable mode of transport. Because of the purchase of EVs, the demand for charging infrastructure has grown in time, particularly commercial EV charging stations, and is on the rise. From active urban centers to distant highways, many are investing in EV charging projects.

If you have considered investing in this business, you will need to know many things about it. The price tag for a commercial EV charging station isn't fixed; it's more like a mixed bag of factors. There are many things to consider.

It’s better to take expert advice and decide since the money isn’t tiny. Your budget and actual cost may differ. But don’t worry—we have expertise in the electric vehicle industry and can give you a fair idea about how much a commercial EV charging station costs and more.


Why Installing An EV Charging Station Is A Good Idea?

Being an owner of any business takes work, as it requires understanding several logistics. If you are the one who is doubting the EV charging station business, we will give you a few benefits of EV charging stations for business-

  • For starters, let’s inform you that by 2032, the global EV charging station market will be valued at $280 billion, with a huge CAGR of 39% in the next ten years. Is this reason enough to enter the market? Yes.
  • EV chargers help lower harmful emissions and diminish our dependence on fossil fuels.
  • For business owners, having an EV charging station shows that you are serious about sustainability, which can attract eco-conscious customers and employees.
  • By offering EV charging, you support your customers, tenants, or employees who choose electric vehicles and help them stick to their green goals.
  • As a proprietor, having your charging station means people can charge electric cars whenever they need. It's peace of mind and convenience rolled into one.


What Are The Different Types Of EV Charging Stations?

Before learning how much it costs to install an electric car charging station, know that it likely depends on the charging requirements. What would that mean? The power levels may differ based on residential or commercial setup. Essentially, there are three power charging levels. Let’s take a look-


Let's talk about the first one- Level 1 EV charging stations—they are merely entry-level options for charging electric rides. These stations are extraordinary, having 120-volt outlets. They provide about 1 kW to 2 kW and won't bankrupt you, with prices ranging from $300 to $1,500 (before you factor in permits and installation).

Now, here is a twist to the tale—they do not offer the fastest charging speeds. They lean more towards the slowpoke traits, taking 20 hours or more to charge your car entirely. Hence, Level 1 might not be your best bet if you are in a rush. When you have time to spare and want to keep costs down, they could be just what you need.



Level 2 has much in common with Level 1 chargers but brings more power. These still use the same AC power outlets found at home or your local business, but they crank it up a notch, running on 208 to 240 volts. Level 2 provides an astounding 3kW to over 20kW, making them way faster than Level 1 chargers.

But what might be the deal with charge times? Well, with Level 2 chargers, you look at a much quicker charging session- about six to eight hours per car- depending on the battery size. That's a big step up if you are not keen on waiting around all day.

How much does an electric vehicle charging station cost with a Level 2 charger? We'd say you are looking at a bit of a range—anywhere from $400 to $6,500. It depends on what you want and who's making it. But considering the speed and ease, it might be worth the investment you seek.



We advise you to go for a Level 3 EV charging station for a commercial setup. It's comparable to Usain Bolt's charging time. It can charge a car up to 80% in just 30 minutes flat. Isn’t that impressive, right?

Level 3 chargers pack a hefty 480 to 600 volts under the hood, with power ratings ranging from 25 kW to a monstrous 50 kW. But there's a catch. These charging stations, also known as DC Fast Chargers (DCFCs), are for something other than your everyday home or small business setup. They need a severe electrical upgrade before erecting the site.

When we talk about money, the hardware alone for a Level 3 charger can set you back anywhere from $10,000 to $40,000. That's not a small amount! But if you build it near a major transportation hub like a bus or railway station, a swanky new residential complex, hotels, or a hospital, these chargers are the ones you are looking for in your business.


Cost Factors In Commercial EV Charging Station Installation

There's a significant demand for EV charging stations, with more individuals driving electric cars in the USA. Plus, government rules aim for a zero-emission economy by 2025. They are pushing both private and public groups to set up more chargers. It opens up opportunities for businesses to jump into the EV charging game and help build the infrastructure.

However, some business owners are uncertain because they are worried about the costs. The answer to how much a commercial charging station costs isn’t simple. Knowing what affects the price, you can make a neat investment.

Therefore, if you are adamant about knowing how much it costs to install a commercial car charging station, here are some factors that affect EV charging station installation-

  • Infrastructure Costs

Infrastructure is a significant cost for the installation, and you need to talk to the electrical supplier about it accordingly. You need a proper electrical supply to install an EV charging station. If not, installers have to lay electrical conduits on the respective site or update the existing one.

Other expenses include trenching, boring, leveling, and cementing for the power supply. In addition, electrical panels, electrical labor, added transformers, and meters to check charging consumption are also included. Be ready to shell out properly in the infrastructure segment.

  • Charging Equipment Costs

When setting up a commercial EV charging station, you must consider the charging equipment. We have already mentioned the cost of different charging stations. But here are the initial purchase costs for all the charging hardware and the infrastructure costs for getting the site ready.

You need specific hardware, such as connectors, cables, and power distribution units. These are important to ensure that everything runs effortlessly and competently at the charging station.

It's vital to plan and budget correctly when buying all this equipment. That way, you can ensure the charging station operates without a hitch and stays reliable. The maker of the chargers can significantly impact the installation cost.

Different manufacturers offer chargers at varying prices, depending on quality, reliability, and additional features. For instance, a well-known EV charging brand might offer premium chargers with advanced functionalities but could come with a higher price tag than lesser-known companies.

  • Indirect Costs

The EV charging installation project includes some indirect costs. One is decorating the charging station. The station should look professional, so it would be good to incur some expenses. Other costs besides the main ones are soft costs.

Illumination around the charging station site can also affect costs. For example, if landscaping needs to be modified or additional lighting is required for safety and visibility, these expenses will add to the overall installation cost.

These are to make the EV charging station look excellent and safe. For example, you may need protective bollards to keep the charging equipment safe. They cost about $400. You may also need parking blocks so cars can park without crashing into each other while they charge.

  • Software costs

If you partner with an EV charging station company, you need to create a mobile app for the company you franchise from. This app does a couple of important things. First, it helps you qualify for financial incentives based on your sales. Second, it lets you and the company stay connected in a shared charging network and share information.

Software costs include a net metering system to monitor, protect, and check data. Most companies need it, which may cost around $500 annually.

For example, let's say you start a business with an EV charging company. They provide you with software to monitor charging sessions at your station. It helps them see how much demand there is for charging and if there's any room for improvement.

  • Power Management

Power management is the head of the operation at commercial EV charging stations. It involves a bunch of things- that make everything work smarter. Getting a power management system for your station usually adds about $4,000 to $5,000 to the installation bill.

A sound power management system can do a lot for your station. It helps reduce power loss and makes better use of energy. It can even lower the overall costs of running the station.

For instance, if you set up a charging station in a busy downtown area, investing in a solid power management system could be a game-changer. It helps you capitalize on efficiency and keep costs down.

  • Insurance costs

When contemplating the cost of an EV charging station, insurance must factor in the installation of a commercial EV charging station. It's something you must do, no questions asked.

You will need two kinds: property insurance and liability insurance.

Property insurance covers your station if anything terrible happens, like a fire or disaster. Liability insurance covers any claims someone might make against you if they get hurt or damaged at your station.

For instance, you have an EV charging station in a busy shopping area. If someone accidentally damages your charging units with their car, your liability insurance would help cover the costs of repairing or replacing it. And if a big storm comes through and damages your station, your property insurance would kick in to help with the repairs.

  • Labor Cost

Another factor you must consider is labor costs from all aspects of the installation. Labor costs to install the charging station can differ based on factors like the setup's complications, the technicians' knowledge, and local labor rates.

If it takes a longer time, the cost will be high. Fee fees may vary if the workforce is high and installation work is less. Therefore, negotiate well before finalizing the labor factor.

For example, installing a superficial Level 2 charging station may require less labor than a fast-charging Level 3 station, which may involve more intricate electrical work and, therefore, higher labor costs.

  • Permits

Remember the dreaded permits when setting up those shiny EV charging stations! You must jump through some bureaucratic hurdles and hand some cash to the local authorities. The fees may vary in different jurisdictions. We advise you to start with the permit very early.

Sometimes, it's just the basic fee, but other times, you might be charged extra for things like environmental studies, specific electrical cables, or making sure your station fits the neighborhood vibe.

  • Taxes

Tax incentives or rebates help offset the cost of installing a station. You get them from governments or utility companies. These incentives can differ by region and may comprise tax credits, subsidies, or low-cost power rates for charging stations.

There are grants involving EV charging stations because they are deemed environmentally friendly. So check with your regional laws and regulations to gain tax advantages. It is a considerable factor affecting the installation cost.

Some governments offer tax credits for a percentage of the installation cost, making it more affordable for businesses to invest in EV infrastructure.

  • Location

The cost of installing a charging station can vary depending on the location. Accessibility, distance from existing electrical infrastructure, and site preparation requirements can influence the installation expenses.

For example, installing a charging station in a remote area with limited access to utilities may require additional groundwork and infrastructure, which can lead to higher installation costs.

How Much Is The Total Cost To Install EV Charging Station?

Do you still have doubts about how much it costs to install an EV charging station? Well, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. We have discussed the various factors involved, from the price of the equipment to the cost of permits and ongoing maintenance. But if you plan, do your research, and budget wisely, you will remain prepared for whatever expenses come your way.

Most importantly, be prepared for the unexpected expenses. It can be related to faulty cable lines, poor land conditions, labor strikes, accidents during construction, or errors in paperwork delaying the work. You may suddenly decide to upgrade your charging station, creating higher costs.

Once your charging station is up and running, you will need to maintain it to ensure it stays in good working order. This might involve regular inspections, repairs, and software updates. Maintenance costs can alter depending on factors like the age and condition of your equipment and any warranties or service contracts you have in place.

Discuss with an expert in your area to find out the exact cost of installing the EV charging station. They have a fair idea of this field and your area and would give a proper and logical explanation of all your questions.


Strategies to Reduce EV Charging Station Installation Cost

Installing EV charging stations is expensive for many, but it's more manageable than it seems. To know how much it costs to install an electric car charging station, you should also learn how to cut some costs. There are ways to do so. Firstly, you can get incentives because the “sustainability “ tag gives you money back or pay for installation and upkeep. Secondly, some programs cut charges upfront, saving you funds from the beginning. With these options, you can join the EV charging movement and reap the benefits for your business and the environment.

  • State and Local Government Incentives

Many state and local governments encourage businesses to install EV charging stations. These incentives can take the form of grants, tax credits, or rebates, helping to offset the upfront costs of installation. For example, in California, the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP) provides rebates of up to $7,500 for businesses that install eligible EV charging stations.

  • Federal Incentives

So, we have told you about the state and local incentives. But it doesn’t end there. Federal incentives help in cutting costs for EV charging station installation. Did you know that the Federal Electric Vehicle Tax Credit lets businesses claim a tax credit of up to 30% of the cost of buying and setting up EV charging equipment? There is a maximum credit of $30,000 per location. This benefit considerably reduces installation costs and helps EV charge profit margins.

  • Utility Company Incentives

Many utility companies provide incentives to motivate businesses to fit EV charging stations. These incentives can consist of reimbursements, slashed electricity rates for charging stations, or aid with installation costs. For example, Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) in California offers impressive rebates for businesses that install EV charging stations.

  • Cost-Cutting Programs

Some organizations offer cost-cutting programs specifically to reduce the expenses associated with EV charging station installation. These programs may include group purchasing discounts, bulk procurement of equipment, or streamlined installation processes to reduce labor costs. For instance, US Supercharge, a leading EV charging network provider, provides a Turnkey Program that simplifies installation. Bundling equipment, installation, and maintenance services reduce costs.

  • Energy Management

Energy management strategies include using intelligent charging technology to schedule charging during off-peak hours when current rates are lower. There is also the demand response program to reduce electricity demand during peak times. You can also integrate renewable energy sources like solar panels to offset electricity consumption. For example, a business could install EV charging stations equipped with software that automatically adjusts charging schedules based on energy prices. This lowers the electricity expenses.

  • Charging as a Service (CaaS)

Charging as a Service (CaaS) is a business model in which businesses lease EV charging equipment from a service provider rather than purchasing it outright. This helps decrease upfront costs and eliminates the need for companies to handle fitting, preservation, and upgrades.

Instead, the service provider takes care of everything. For example, EVgo offers CaaS solutions for businesses looking to deploy charging infrastructure without the upfront investment.


How US Supercharge Install EV Charging Station Without Any Cost?

Shelling out money for a business is both a good and bad feeling. But what if you could start a business and develop sustainably without any upfront costs? This is where the US Supercharge enters. It has modernized the EV charging scene with the ground-breaking zero-investment business model. Let's examine this approach and determine how it can alter your business.

The Different EV Charging Business Models-

  • Direct selling of charging services to EV drivers.
  • Establishing EV charging stations or networks.
  • Leveraging EV charging infrastructure to improve core business.

While all the models mentioned above have merits, the third model stands out as the most successful one. It is on its way to expanding EV charging networks nationwide. This model, frequently dubbed the zero-investment business model, lets firms install EV chargers without any upfront costs.

A zero-investment business model is a smart way to establish a business without needing lots of money upfront. It uses what's already available to make money without significant expenses, making it easier to succeed. These models often use the internet and technology, making it possible for anyone to start a business with little cash. They have changed how people start businesses by making it easier for everyone, whether in business or just beginning.


How Does US Supercharge Do It?

Many entrepreneurs struggle to find the right option when they start a business without investing much money. But US Supercharge has a thrilling offer that sets it apart from the rest. Here's what makes us particular-

1. No Cost For Installation

Our team includes specialized individuals in electrical work, building plans, and technology. We handle everything- from software to hardware- when setting up the EV charging station without charging you upfront. Isn’t that a great thing?

Commercial and residential property owners can easily add EV charging services by teaming up with us. It is what makes their place more gorgeous to customers. You save money for other things while our team takes care of the installation. You get to enjoy the benefits of going green without the fiscal stress.


2. Zero Cost on Infrastructure

Get ready for another significant advantage. US Supercharge has an exclusive approach that doesn't need you to pay anything upfront for EV charging infrastructure. Our model stands out because we cover all the costs of setting up and maintaining the charging stations. It is something you don't have to worry about.

We aim to make a gigantic impact on the EV charging panorama, making it uncomplicated for businesses to be eco-friendly without worrying about funds. It's not just a business idea- it's a trip toward a brighter, more gainful future.

It is plausible that the world would only have electric vehicles and stations. US Supercharge is a top-notch company making a massive wave in innovation and modernism. Our compelling zero-investment solutions for EV charging unlock novel opportunities for businesses.

With our full-service administration and management, simple setup practices, and promise of sustainability, we pave the way for other companies and entrepreneurs who care more about the environment.


Set Up An EV Charging Station- Partner With US Supercharge!

Electric cars are the future, there is no doubt about it. With more electric cars hitting the road, people will need more places to charge their cars swiftly. That's where we, US Supercharge, come in. We are your go-to firm for easy commercial EV charging station installation.

We are all about simplifying EV owners' lives and helping commercial places thrive. Our team of electrician professionals knows everything when it comes to installing those chargers- they are like magicians of the EV charging business!

Hence, if you have a spot in mind, write or call us, and we'll guide you through every step. We have already set up several charging stations and are ready to spread the love all across the US. Come on board and make the world a greener, happier place together!