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US Supercharge e-stations opening rapidly across Florida

The sales of electric vehicles are speeding up rapidly. With an increase of 65% in sales in 2022, electric vehicles are re-shaping the future of the auto industry. Consumer interest, a heightened sense of sustainability, massive buy-in by automakers, and significant government funding are all accelerating the mass adoption of electric vehicles.

To support accelerated EV adoption, the USA needs a robust network of EV Superchargers. According to a survey, the EV charging market needs to modify itself and grow nearly tenfold to meet the e-charging needs of approx. 27 million EV’s on the road by 2030.

The need for US Supercharge e-stations in densely populated areas and near highway entrances and exits is rapidly growing. Commercial property owners are also facing the wrath of a lack of e-charging facilities around their businesses. The EV drivers never visit or leave commercial establishments early to find a Supercharger elsewhere. It hampers the business and affects customer loyalty. 

US Supercharge is all set to play a vital role in the accelerated expansion of the Supercharging infrastructure across the country. Being America’s sustainable electric company, US Supercharge support the electric and solar vision and is providing turnkey solutions for commercial real estate owners, municipalities and multifamily high rise building owners.

Lease your extra commercial parking space to US Supercharge to attract and retain more customers. Studies show that it is easier to retain satisfied customers.

US Supercharge is a Sustainable Electric Company

Committed to making charging electric vehicles inviting and convenient, US Supercharge is passionate about installing Supercharge e-stations and e-chargers across the nation. With the aim of providing EV drivers with the best possible experience, the US Supercharge team also utilizes sustainable solar energy and battery systems where possible. Increasing energy efficiency and playing its role in developing a sustainable future stands as the company’s priorities.

The number of e-charging stations in the country is to see a significant spike from 4 million currently to 35 million by 2030. US Supercharge is committed to making this a reality. It is rapidly opening up e-charging stations in Florida and expanding across the USA.

Rapidly changing the Supercharger map in Florida

Florida has the second-highest number of electric cars in the USA. However, EV drivers on long trips are still concerned about the next charging stations on their way. To resolve the issue and ease their worries US Supercharge is opening e-charging stations across the region at cool and inviting locations with rest rooms, food, beverages, and seating areas. Their focus is on four major highways in the state of Florida:

  •   Interstate 95
  •   Interstate 75
  •   Interstate 10
  •   Interstate 4

Soon US Supercharge e- stations will be across the nation, giving EV drivers a sigh of relief.

Identifying e-charging problems

US Supercharge has studied the market and is a considerable player in planning and developing electric vehicle Supercharge e-stations and e-charger sites. It gives the company the advantage of knowing the exact scenario. Hence, it can identify the significant problems related to e-charging stations in the USA. Some of them are listed below:

  •  The current charging stations lack speed and amenities.

  • They are hard to find and uninviting.

  •  Not usually convenient to get to.

Supercharge e-stations are opening at travel-friendly locations.

To address the issue US Supercharge plans to open its e-charging stations in travel-friendly locations across Florida and USA. Keeping the convenience of EV drivers top of mind, they select the best out-of-pocket travel locations for opening Supercharge e- stations. Sites include:

  • Establishments with inviting atmospheres and restroom facilities.
  • Restaurants, Diners, and BBQs on highly travelled routes.
  • Rest Stops & Welcome Centers.
  • 24-hour Fast Food locations.
  • Shopping Malls & Centers near interstate highway exits and entrances.
  • Travel Hotels & Destination Hotels.
  • Municipal parking and commercial parking areas.

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If you have a commercial facility in a densely populated area or off a highway exit and willing to be a part of the EV revolution, then lease space to US Supercharge to open a Supercharge e-station. Become a Lessor at no cost. The US Supercharge team takes care of the capital investment and improvement as well as all monitoring and service.

Make US Supercharge your tenant and enjoy:

  • A growth in your revenue.
  • Earn new e-customers.
  • Retain more e-customers.
  • Generate lease income.
  • Experience turnkey installation and service